Our technology

At Green Gen Technologies®, we use long and short fibres, each using a different technology.

Our Work

Long fibres

The long fibres give an atypical and unique design to our composite containers. They will elegantly enhance all your high-end products.

Our main development in this field is based on the braiding of linen (certified Masters of Linen®), in order to create a solid and aesthetic envelope.

Our containers are customizable. It is possible to color the fibres in different shades and obtain a more or less organic feel according to your expectations.

Flax fibres

  • 100% renewable, biodegradable plant-based resource,
  • A local fibre: France is the world’s leading producer of flax,
  • Other fibres can be used depending on your needs (hemp, etc.).

Bio-sourced resins

  • A sustainable alternative in the face of increasing scarcity of non-renewable resources (sand, oil, etc.),
  • Barrier properties suitable for your contents,
  • A sustainable or compostable resin depending on your application.

Our solution

  • A bio-sourced material with a unique aesthetic,
  • A composite combining mechanical resistance and lightness,
  • Local and low-energy implementation.

Short fibres

The technology based on short fibres makes it possible to valorize certain resources by integrating them into a composite product. We are currently working with different types of plant fibres: wood, straw, plant residues, etc.

Short fibres are just as strong as long fibres, but less expensive.

Our first short fibre container is our Green Gen Water Bottle, made of wood fibre.