Discover the Green Gen Bottle®

The bottle made of flax braid fibres and bio-sourced resin, 10 times lighter than a traditional glass bottle.

Our made-to-measure solutions

The Green Gen Bottle®, made entirely of bio-sourced or recycled materials, is the alternative to heavy and fragile glass bottles.

The Green Gen Bottle® is made of a combination of 3 structural materials:  

An rPET liner

that allows food safety compliance with international and European standards, that is to say, it guarantees the safety of food products and ensures the preservation and quality of liquids.

rPET is 100% recycled and recyclable, healthy and free from any harmful products.

For spirits, rPET could be replaced by PLA (100% biodegradable material made of residue from sugar cane, beet, pine…).

Green Gen Bottle®

A flax fibre composite envelope.

This opaque, plant-based material minimises the environmental impact of the bottle and gives it a unique, natural and elegant design. 

A 100% natural and French bio-sourced resin,

which fixes and stiffens the flax fibre.

The combination of the resin and the flax fibre composite envelope allows us to structure the food-grade liner and keep the shape of the bottle.

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They chose Green Gen Bottle®

The benefits of Green Gen Bottle®

Renewable / reused raw materials

Renewable / reused raw materials.


A unique design.


Less than 100 grams.

Mechanical resistance

A composite structure

End of life

Dispose of in the waste sorting bin.

Technical specifications

Green Gen Bottle®

Dimensions: 28 cm

Shapes : Bourguignonne – Bordelaise – Spirits

Capacity: 70 cl for a bottle intended for spirits and 75 cl for a bottle intended for still wines.

Weight: Just 85 g! In comparison, a glass bottle weighs between 400 g and 1 kg.

Bottle sizes can be customised according to your needs.

Available colours: the grey colour of the bottle is the natural colour of flax fibre. It can also be bleached or dyed to create the colour of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The flax we use comes from Hauts de France and Normandy.

The bio-sourced resins are 100% French.

The rPET liner comes from European PET waste and is blow-moulded in France.

We favour French production.

The harvested flax fibre is spun in Béthune (59), by our spinning partner Safilin, and woven in Comines (59) by STN Tressage. The bottles are then assembled in our factory in Portet-sur-Garonne (31).

The rPET food-grade liner and the flax fibre envelope are recyclable separately. The bottle can go in the waste sorting bin.

But we suggest keeping it and giving it a second life! Once empty, it can be rinsed and reused to store various drinks.

Our goal for the next few years is to provide a specific deposit for our container, which will allow it to be collected and reused.

The Green Gen Bottle® is eco-designed to have a low carbon impact:

  • It is produced in France, from flax grown in France, which requires very little water.
  • The composite technology we use is made at room temperature. No energy-intensive machines are needed to manufacture the bottles.
  • Because it is lighter and more compact than traditional glass bottles, the costs and carbon impact of transporting it are lower.
  • The bottle is hard-wearing and can be reused many times.

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