H41 Our production plant in Bergerac

On 3 August 2023, we started production in our brand new Green Gen Technologies® plant in Bergerac. Introducing H41: our Factory 1.0 and a true representation of our amazing growth!

The Green Gen Bottle® in its cardboard and flax fibre versions has been produced in our factory since 3 August.

The Green Gen Water Bottle® is also produced in Bergerac at our partner Taulou factory, then assembled nearby at the Papillons Blancs ESAT, which employs disabled workers. They also take care of storage and shipping. It represents 5% of water bottles produced and sold in France. The remaining 95% are imported from Asia.

About this first factory

Historically, Green Gen Technologies® has based its R&D at its premises near Toulouse in Portet-Sur-Garonne, run by our doctorate in materials engineering, Aline Rogeon.

After an initial test production phase, this beta workshop transferred its production activities to factory H41 on the ESCAT industrial estate in Bergerac. This production facility is better suited to our strong growth in production and its gradual automation.

From an operational point of view, Factory H41 has learnt lessons from our workshop and produces more efficiently, in larger volumes and with economies of scale, enabling us to significantly reduce our prices.

Our brand-new H41 factory will therefore evolve step by step towards version 2.0, expanding from 2,500 to 5,000 m2, thanks to bigger production teams (12 operators). At the same time, the production process was mechanised to increase output, double the number of operators and satisfy strong demand.

The ultimate aim is to produce thirty million bottles a year in Bergerac, in a plant that is energy self-sufficient and highly automated.

Production strategy

The strategy of Green Gen Technologies® is for “multi-local” development, setting up several factories all close to their market.

We have already been contacted for projects in the UK, California and Australia. The Bergerac factory is therefore the pilot plant.

We are currently setting up a south-west hub around our Bergerac site, with distribution agreements for bottle sales and technical bottling agreements with local wine producers.

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