Introducing the
Green Gen Cardboard Bottle ®

The Green Gen Bottle® has evolved to become even more sustainable, customisable and stylish.

For wines, spirits and other liquid foods,
our products are eco-designed and developed to meet your needs.

Fully customisable, you can choose their colour and add your branding.

Use of renewable materials: kraft paper from the Green Gen Cardboard Bottle® is made from plant fibres, a renewable and sustainable resource. Our bottles are made in France, at our factory in Bergerac.
Completely recyclable: this bottle can be fully and easily recycled by consumers and turned into new products, reducing the amount of waste ending up in landfill sites.

Weight reduction: all our components are much lighter than glass making the bottles easier to transport and handle, considerably reducing logistics costs and the carbon footprint of our products.
Focus on protection: our technology provides the best protection from light and temperature variations, preserving the quality of its liquid contents.

Elegant and high-end: the Green Gen Cardboard Bottle® is reminiscent of the distinctive design of classic glass bottles, with the cardboard aspect giving it a raw yet premium look.
Customisable: our concept provides a large area for customisation and design, enabling producers and brands to stand out on the marketplace and showcase their identity.
Easy to use: the Green Gen Cardboard Bottle® has a design similar to that of glass bottles in terms of format, capacity and design, making it easy to replace on the shelf. It is also rather light and very easy to open and close, giving consumers a practical and original experience.
Its inner shrink liner ensures that the product is kept in good condition once the bottle has been opened.

Technical characteristics of the Green Gen Cardboard Bottle®

Composition: Cardboard/PE/EVOH.

Weight: 130g with lid.

Shape: Bordeaux.

Size: height: 30.5 cm; diameter: 76 mm.

Tube surface available for advertising: 489 cm2.

Capacity: 75 cl/ 70 cl (spirits).

Tube colours available with kraft finish: natural cardboard, dark green (minimum order 1,600 bottles). Other colours available (black, red, blue, etc.) on request and at extra cost, minimum order subject to confirmation.

Bottle neck colours: available on request (minimum order 10,000 bottles).

Lid: screw cap (BVS30H60 ring) or traditional (cork).

Recycling the new Green Gen Cardboard Bottle®

Hold the neck of your Green Gen Cardboard Bottle® in one hand.

With your other hand , separate the cardboard neck and the main section.

Throw each item into the appropriate recycling bin: cardboard and plastic.

Any other questions?

Ask our teams via the contact form.

Our products are eco-designed and developed
to meet your production needs.

You can choose from a number of customisation options depending on the range.
The Green Gen Cardboard Bottle® can be completely adapted to your brand's colours.