Green Gen Water Bottle

Designed and manufactured in France, our Green Gen Water Bottle is 100% biosourced and sustainable.

Discover our technology

Nomadic and elegant,

the Green Gen Water Bottle has been designed to accompany you on a daily basis and follow you for a long time.

The assets of the finished product


Renewable raw materials of vegetable origin.


A wide range of customization options.


A weight of 160 grams.

Mechanical resistance

A composite structure.


*Depending on the application.


To make it easier to clean.


Comfortable to hold in hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Green Gen Bottle is also available at :

  • Les Tarées du Vrac, 21 rue de la Concorde 31000 Toulouse
  • Vignoble des Verdots, 24560 Conne-de-Labarde

Our bottle is made of bio-based materials: biopolymers, which are organic materials, and wood fibres (spruce and beech), from sustainable plant resources.

These wood fibres are co-products of sawmill residues. The materials used are certified for food contact. They are not based on petroleum-based plastics, so there are no controversial chemicals added to its composition.

Our water bottle is conceived to be durable and to follow you every day to avoid the consumption of disposable plastic water bottles.

The manufacturing is exclusively French! All the steps are carried out in the South-West of France: research and development in Toulouse, design in Bergerac and assembly in an ESAT in Bergerac.

We recommend emptying it and air drying it when not in use. For daily use, simply rinse or hand washes with water at 30°C and a little washing up liquid. The base can be unscrewed so that you can clean it more easily and ensure better hygiene.

The Green Gen Water Bottle is made to contain fresh water only (no hot or iced liquids), you can therefore store it in the refrigerator.

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