Try the Green Gen Water Bottle

The bio-sourced and sustainable water bottle, designed and manufactured in France.

Innovation by Green Gen

Say goodbye to disposable plastic bottles and water bottles produced
on the other side of the world!

The Green Gen water bottle is not made of glass, stainless steel or aluminium. It is a unique combination of wood fibre chips and a bio-sourced resin creating a brand-new, strong and renewable material.

Made of biopolymers

organic materials derived from resin and wood fibres.

Healthy materials

guaranteed free from phthalates and endocrine disruptors.

Raw materials

from Germany
and the United Kingdom.

Certified water bottle

by the Ciram test report.

Made in France

and assembled at a supported employment workplace in Bergerac (Dordogne).

They chose
the Green Gen Water Bottle

The benefits of
the Green Gen Water Bottle


Renewable raw materials.
100% bio-sourced carbon content in accordance with standard EN 16620-2: 2019.


Many customisation options (depending on quantity).


Only 160 grams.

Mechanical resistance

Composite structure.


Designed for everyday life.


The base can be unscrewed for easy and efficient cleaning, ensuring a long life for your bottle.

Good to go

Comfortable grip
with a removable handle.

Technical information

Dimensions: 23 cm x 11 cm.

Capacity: 500 ml (cold water, not hot liquid).

Weight: 160g.

Colour: plain and natural tones.

The Green Gen Water Bottle can be customised (engraving and colour) on request and depending on the quantity ordered.

Our technology: short fibres

The technology based on short fibers makes it possible to valorize certain resources by integrating them into a composite product. We are currently working with different types of plant fibers: wood, straw, plant residues, etc.

Short fibers are just as strong as long fibers, but less expensive.

Our first short-fiber container is our Green Gen Flax Bottle, made from wood fiber and biosourced resin.

Our online distributors

You can also contact our sales team:

Nouvelle Aquitaine
06 80 30 94 95

Claude Fèvre
Allier, Saône and Haute-Saône
06 10 21 91 06

For any other regions or requests:
+33 (0)5 34 43 99 23

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to our online distributors, our Green Gen Water Bottle is also available from:

  • Vignoble des Verdots, 24560 Conne-de-Labarde
  • Les Tarées du Vrac, 21 rue de la Concorde, 31000 Toulouse
  • Naïa Nature, 1 rue du 11 novembre 1918, 34200 Sète
  • Pyrénées Tendances, 7 place Maréchal Foch, 65110 Cauteret

Our bottle is made of bio-based materials: biopolymers, which are organic materials, and wood fibers (spruce and beech), from sustainable plant resources.

These wood fibres are what we call co-products and they come from sawmill residues. The materials used are certified for food contact. They are not made from petroleum-based plastic, so there are no controversial chemicals involved in the bottle’s composition.

Our water bottle is designed to last and go everywhere with you every day, so you can avoid buying disposable plastic water bottles.

All the manufacturing stages are carried out in the south-west of France: research and development in Toulouse, blow-moulding in Bergerac and assembly in a production unit in Bergerac employing people with disabilities (ESAT).

We recommend emptying and air-drying it when not in use. For daily use, simply rinse or hand wash with water at 30°C and a little dishwashing liquid. The base twists off so you can clean it more easily and ensure better hygiene.

The Green Gen Water Bottle is designed to hold cold water only (no hot or iced liquids), so you can store the Green Gen Water Bottle in the refrigerator.

Any other questions?

Ask our teams via the contact form.

Our products are eco-designed and developed
to meet your production needs.

You can choose from a number of customisation options depending on the range.
The Green Gen Water Bottle® can be completely adapted to your brand's colours.