Innovation by
Green Gen Technologies®

We are developing a range of manufacturing processes based on bio-sourced or renewable materials, to create eco-designed packaging for wines, spirits, liquid foods and cosmetics.

James de Roany, Co-Inventor & CEO of Green Gen Technologies®, has devoted most of his career to vineyard management. After years at the head of prestigious wine estates, his travels around the world led him to become more environmentally aware.

He pondered the idea over the years, increasingly keen to improve packaging in the wine sector. James de Roany then joined an international think-tank to design innovative packaging for wines and spirits, leading him to explore the idea further. At the same time, many studies show that glass production will be affected in the years to come by the shortage of aquatic silica (sand), its main raw material, and the amount of energy needed to manufacture it. The aim was to find an alternative to glass for packaging and transporting wines and spirits without altering them.

One evening during a programme on the subject of COP21 in France, the debate focused on flax, presented as a formidable technical plant fibre. It was at this point that everything accelerated. Green Gen Technologies® was born through a new process co-invented by James de Roany and Séverine Laurent Bizos: a composite made with plant fibres and bio-sourced resin to create eco-designed packaging for wines and spirits.

The Green Gen Bottle®, a container that can package and store liquids, was born after many years of R&D. This innovation has a lower carbon impact than glass, while guaranteeing real solidity thanks to the use of flax fibre.

One thing led to another and work on long fibres, in other words flax, led to consideration of short fibres, in particular wood, combined with a bio-sourced resin. Based on this technology, the Green Gen Water Bottle was born.

In the course of our work and research, we have gone even further with a new version of the Green Gen Bottle® designed for wines, spirits and other liquid foods. It is even more innovative, customisable and 100% recyclable: the Green Gen Cardboard Bottle®.

Shaking up an age-old product.

Today, Green Gen Technologies® is a committed team whose shared mission is to revolutionise traditional containers and packaging for wines and spirits and other liquid foods, as well as containers in other sectors like cosmetics, to make them more environmentally friendly.

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