Green Gen Bottle®

The synergy between a material with reduced environmental impact and a comprehensive, sustainable approach.

Our made-to-measure solutions

Our technology

The combination of plant fibres with bio-sourced resins into a unique eco-responsible container.

Flax fibres

  • 100% renewable, biodegradable plant-based resource,
  • A local fibre: France is the world’s leading producer of flax,
  • Other fibres can be used depending on your needs (hemp, bamboo, etc.).

Bio-sourced resins

  • A sustainable alternative in the face of increasing scarcity of non-renewable resources (sand, oil, etc.),
  • Barrier properties suitable for your contents,
  • A sustainable or compostable resin depending on your application.

Our solution

  • A bio-sourced material with a unique aesthetic,
  • A composite combining mechanical resistance and lightness,
  • Local and low-energy implementation.

The assets of the end product


Plant-based, renewable raw materials.


A unique design.


Three times lighter than a glass bottle.

Mechanical resistance

A composite structure.

Biodegradable *

* Depending on the application

Our approach

A green material that fits into your comprehensive, environmentally responsible approach.

1 – Raw materials

  • Encourage the use of renewable resources,
  • Maximise materials of natural origin,
  • Source locally.

2 – Manufacturing

  • Work with local partners,
  • Prioritise low-energy means of production,
  • Limit the impact of transport (reduced weight, local production).

3 – Use

  • Raise awareness among consumers,
  • Encourage reuse.

4 – End of life

  • Encourage waste recovery,
  • Reuse, recycle or compost.

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