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Together, making your industries lighter.

We are an innovative company, founded by 2 passionate inventors keen to reduce the impact of human consumption on the environment. To achieve this, we have designed different containers for food and cosmetics.
Lightweight, eco-designed, reusable and recyclable, they are an alternative to glass. They are designed to help reduce the carbon footprint of production and, most importantly, of transporting mass market goods. Our technology is innovative, using the most natural and lightweight materials possible to improve the carbon footprint of our everyday lives.
Our products can be customised and easily recycled to meet the needs of local authorities, brands and consumers.

Our production unit in Bergerac is committed to producing all our customer and partner bottles in the best possible conditions. Our only limit is your imagination. Working by your side, we want to change the face of the food and cosmetics industries to make packaging more ethical, kinder to the planet and more respectful of society’s expectations.

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