Green Gen Technologies® dresses Petit Cernin in flax fibres !

Article published on 22 June 2023.

The Green Gen Bottle® is filling wine for the very first time and is working with Maison Wessman on its Petit Cernin red wine.

Green Gen Technologies® and its entire team are very proud to present this new product, after a first experience in spirits with the Cognac House A. de Fussigny.

Petit Cernin adorned in flax fibres.

Maison Wessman has several wine estates (Périgord Pourpre and Limoux) as well as a Champagne brand.

With a desire to reinvent tradition and redefine excellence, the company is committed to working hard every day to respect the land.

In recent years, its transition to an eco-responsible approach has accelerated, and for the first time it is offering revolutionary packaging. Petit Cernin Rouge 2020 (IGP Périgord) is a young, intense and attractive wine. Modern and bold on the palate, its blend of 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon gives it a lovely, enveloping tannic structure.

It is the ideal wine to represent the packaging revolution.

Maison Wessman is the very first winery to use the Green Gen Bottle®!

Empty, this innovative bottle weighs 85 grams, compared with 600 grams for a glass bottle of Petit Cernin Rouge.

The Green Gen Bottle® uses composite materials technology, combining natural flax fibre, a biosourced resin and a food-safe shell made from recycled PET.

Through its design, the Green Gen Technologies® teams are committed to promoting French know-how by working with their partners Safilin and STN Tressage in Northern France. Production takes place in Portet-sur-Garonne, just outside Toulouse, and is being developed in Bergerac at plant 1.0.

This proximity of production sites and the sourcing of raw materials means that the carbon impact is considerably reduced.

‘Maison Wessman and Green Gen Technologies® share common ambitions and values when it comes to innovation and eco-responsibility. Together, we are moving forward hand in hand to offer products with a low carbon footprint’ Aline Rogeon, Materials Engineer-Doctor, Green Gen Technologies®.

Find out more about this vintage on the Maison Wessman website

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